Coaching Teachers

For Teachers: Rediscover the joys of teaching

Nancy invites you to consider:

  • What was your dream when you first considered becoming a teacher?
  • How far from that dream is your reality?


You may be seeking:

  • More effective classroom management methods
  • Communications with parents, administrators and colleagues that invite cooperation and collaboration
  • Ways to create a supportive and exciting learning environment that works for all students
  • Ways to charge up your enthusiasm and prevent burn-out

As a life coach with over 30 years of experience as a teacher and counselor, Nancy can help you effectively navigate through the challenges that you face. Together, you will discover the strategies that really work.

Be the teacher you’ve always wanted to be!

Considering retirement?

Does the thought of letting go of your career leave you with a feeling of confusion orĀ emptiness? When the time comes to consider retiring, Nancy can support you in moving towards your next dream or whatever the next most fulfilling step would be.