Life Coaching

What is life coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative relationship in which the focus is on you–on what you want in your life and on what will help you to achieve it.

The focus is entirely on your agenda–your goals, values and interests.

As your life coach, Nancy asks powerful questions, completely confident that you have your own best answers to move you along to success.

She helps you formulate the most workable plan to meet your goals and holds you accountable so that you’ll keep moving towards your goals…or choose to re-evaluate and redirect.

Nancy listens and encourages you to use your talents and sharpest thinking to discover your next best steps.

When would I choose coaching?

  • When you know you want some meaningful change in your life but can’t seem to define it
  • If you can define the change you want but can’t seem to get started
  • When you’ve begun to make a change but get stuck or lose momentum
  • As you enter a transitional period in your life such as graduation, job change, empty nest, retirement, etc., and you are ready to pursue new goals
  • When your life seems disorganized and disordered and it’s time to focus
  • If you feel that somehow there is more to your life and want to explore
  • When you have had a serious health challenge and you want some support on your way to improved wellness

How does coaching work?

  • Coaching takes place on the telephone from the comfort of your home or office
  • Calls are usually scheduled for once a week
  • In between calls, you will be taking steps you have identified in your action plan
  • Clients may choose short-term coaching for a particular goal, or may continue on to pursue other goals