“Nancy has never given me a “stock answer” about what to do. She creatively elicits what is right for me…adding wisdom via her open-ended questions. That’s why I am glad I went to Nancy for coaching…not a relative or friend!”

“After I hang up from a coaching call with Nancy, I have clarity about my goal and a workable plan to accomplish it.”

“In our coaching sessions, I have learned that I have control of my life by the decisions I make. With this awareness, I make conscious decisions…rather than being bound by circumstances.”

“The result of my coaching with Nancy is that I have more energy. I’ve gone back to yoga classes after an absence of three years. I’m going to bed earlier. I’m giving more thoughtful service to my clients. And, with Nancy’s help, I’m becoming more effective in other areas of my life.”

“Nancy is a consummate coach. She celebrates your successes with you. She listens with compassion and hears what is behind your words. She cuts to the chase…you move forward in the direction you choose to go with clarity… along with a plan you developed that’s workable for you.”

“When you have a conversation with Nancy, you have an engaged listener. Her responses are thoughtful, but more than that, they are responses that you return to and think about long after the conversation has ended. Her comments have real substance and are delivered in a most constructive way. I have known Nancy for a long time and I can say without hesitation that she is one of the best one-on-one, food-for-thought active listeners I’ve ever met.”

“Nancy is a warm, caring, wise person. Her experienced listening skills and clear, helpful responses enable me to look within and find my own answers and take positive actions. She is a treasure.”